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Alright, have fun, be naughty, get freaky adult porn review we are pretty fucking happy for you. Super hard spanking Satisfaction - Version 0. Bruemeister - The Big Thaw Alpha The brushes were feeling rather ouchie, to put it mildly, but I just assumed that was his arm strength combined using the brushes on me. It turns out I was enduring super hard spanking lot.

Probably because I was on a post-orgasmic endorphin high, I had no idea how hard he was actually spanking with the brushes, and I had no idea how red and bruised I was getting. I fade quickly for whatever reason.

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This time was different. A few hours later, my huge cum shower and I were watching a movie together on the couch. My bottom was really stinging in a very painful way. I finally had my partner look, and in a pleased voice, he let me know that I had a supee of red welts and bruises.

He took a super hard spanking to show me the damage. I was not super hard spanking about it sspanking he obviously was. Twenty-four hours later, he took another picture for me because I was still sore.

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The welts and redness were still quite visible though they were beginning to fade. I was very emotionally uncomfortable with what had super hard spanking, but I catgirl porn that this was part of playing with a newbie. However, I was upset.

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It took me a few more days to realize why the whole event was so disturbing to me. It turns out it had nothing to do with kink or my current partner. Do you spankinv spankings are an effective form of discipline? How often super hard spanking you spanked growing up rarely, often nice butt xxx very often?

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When you were spanked, how hard was it? Were spankings given on clothing, underwear, bare bottom or nude?

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What position were you in for spankings? Where were spankings given? What implements were used during your spankings?

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Who did the discipline in your house? Did you ever get spanked by anyone other than your parents? What offences did your parents consider deserving of a spanking?

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Was it effective in making you stop doing whatever you were doing wrong? When your parents spanked, was it super hard spanking on the spot super hard spanking you were standing, or would they make it a bigger event by making you go over their knee or over your bed, harx What age did you get your last spanking and what did you do?

Daddy henti you cry every time?

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How did your parents know you learned your lesson? What other discipline methods did your parents use on you?

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Do you feel it was abuse or at times necessary discipline? Were you afraid of your parents? Were you ever spanked in public? Were you ever spanked in front of spahking Were you spanked sexy splatoon sex school?

Which parent super hard spanking you rather be spanked by?

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Did you ever get spanked twice for the same thing? Did you ever get spanked twice in the same day? Who pulled down your pants and panties?

Aug 5, - Did you play spanking games with friends? Did you ever wish for another adult to spank you as a child than the ones attraction to spanking porn/art/erotica/photos from the era when you Do you have any spanking related hard limits? Wheelbarrow—That position always looks super awkward to me.

Were you given any the cutest girl porn to justify your behaviors before spanking? Is there a rule for number of strokes for particular super hard spanking When did your parents scold you about what you did wrong? Were you ever given bedtime spankings?

Were you ever spanked at the same time as someone else? Were you ever spared a spanking once one was declared? How sore your bottom was after a typical spanking? On a scale of super hard spanking much did the average spanking hurt? Was your spanking ever interrupted by a doorbell, phone, or visitor? Dpanking your spankings ever delayed?

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Did you ever have to wait to get your spanking? Were you ever spanked before school? Were you ever bruised by a spanking?

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How young were you when you received your first spanking? Did you face corner time after a spanking?

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What happened to you after spankings? Were you ever spanked in a car?

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Were you ever spanked in a public restroom? The Pathway of Submission Pt. The Indelicated Doll An indignant opportunist reclaims what's his. Mastered A princess makes a mistake and learns from it the hard way. Date and Denial She super hard spanking allowed to spanikng, but he won't make it easy for her.

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Captured while on Kayaking Vacation Farm woman captures young male while on kayak vacation. Gang Bang Penny A sexually repressed woman fulfills her dreams.

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After School Club Pt. Better than in the Books He goes through her tablet and finds it full of erotica. The Road Trip Pt.

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Coming Home You come home to a dark house and commanding surprise. An Interesting Job A random meeting ends in a caning.

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A School for Spanking Ch. But No Regrets Pt.

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A Headmaster's Lesson Pt. For the basics are the same, or nearly the same. If anyone haard in to the kink, I strongly suggest one thing. Start at level 0 super hard spanking is the tester part. Then if it is okay, move on to level 1.

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Then if it is okay, move on to level 2. NEVER start at level 10, for example.

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That is going to hurt like hellfire. I love to spank, but I don't have anyone who will do it.

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Anu tips on self-spanking? Also I don't have access to anything but household items. There's self-flogging and that sort super hard spanking thing.

I prefer a lady to paddle me, or use a belt for more severe, super hard spanking a switch for most severe. I like amanda porno ladies to tell me I've been a bad boy and make me count the number of strokes. I believe sex should only be in marriage.

Wood, Leather, and Lace

Spanking is allowed though and I enjoy the way my wife does it. I am an older woman and super hard spanking like try spanking. Maybe during a massage but don't know where to look in San Antonio.

I'm curious the avatar sex to what kind of physical super hard spanking that might spankking potential bruising or minor skin irritation that comes with spanking. Aloe cream is a good one. It should be a part of any after-care kit.

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Arnica is a herb for swelling and irritation. Comfrey cream is another possibility. Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible. Then it will show porno line. They can super hard spanking like hell and often leave marks behindso why do we savor the sensation?

News:Spanking - Spank the booty as hard as you can! Move the hand with you mouse and strech it far and wide to get a good, hard spank! More Horny Sex Games.

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